In our teaching of Bachelor and Masters Courses at Göttingen and Kassel-Witzenhausen, especially in the two universities’ joint M.Sc. program “Sustainable International Agriculture”, we focus on the multiple roles of livestock across extensive to intensive livestock systems of tropical and subtropical countries. Thereby ecosystem services as well as disservices of livestock are important aspects, along with their livelihood and income function.

In our modules we combine classical classroom teaching with video lectures, quizzes and student group work as well as seminars, laboratory exercises and practical application of research tools in field practicals.

Lec­tu­res Summer Term 2023

BSc: Introduction to tropical and international agriculture

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BSc: Labormethoden zur Analyse von Boden-, Pflanzen- und Dungproben

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MSc: From conceptualisation to communication: key steps in empirical research

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MSc: Livestock-based sustainable landuse

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MSc: Livestock breeding programs - Breeding Planning Procedures and International case studies

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