Completed and ongoing Ph.Ing.//..Ph.D. Dissertations

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  • MEng. Werapol Bejranonda: The prediction of seasonal and inter-annual climate variation impacts on the water resource in the eastern seaboard of Thailand. (Fall 2013!)
  • MSc. Hasan Sirhan: Numerical feasibility study for treated wastewater recharge as a tool to impede saltwater intrusion in the coastal aquifer of Gaza - Palestine. (End of 2013!)
  • MEng. Teshome Seyoum: Modeling of cascade dams & reservoir operation for optimal water use in the Omo river basin, Ethiopia. (Early 2014)
  • Dipl.-Geoecologist Paulina Avilez: Investigations on the influence of climate change on the water balance of the Rio Santa catchment, Cordillera Blanca, Peru. (Mid-2014)
  • MSc. Maria Lozano: Modeling mass balance and glacier water discharge of tropical glaciers in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru.
  • MSc. Karen Milena Chinchilla: Assessment of the impact of climate changes on water resources and sediment yields in the Cesar river basin, Columbia.
  • MSc. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Sohi: Numerical simulation of ground water flow in dual porous media underneath the Karun 4 Dam (Iran) foundation and abutments.
  • MSc., MEng. Asim Jahangir Khan: Numerical modeling of water and sediment yield in the upper Indus basin (UIB.)
  • MEng. Mehran Iranpour Mobarakeh: Experimental and numerical investigations of hydrodynamic dispersion in strongly heterogeneous porous media.
  • MEng. Mohammad Zare: Conjunctive management of surface-groundwater resources systems using artificial intelligence methods.
  • MEng. Mahdi Rahimian: Risk prediction and assessment of groundwater pollution using fuzzy logic indexing with analytical and statistical methods
  • MEng. Behnam Zamani-Gharehchaman: Three-dimensional hydrodynamic modeling of the response of reservoirs to the effects of climate change: a comparison of methods with case studies.
  • MEng. Majid Semiromi: Evaluation of spatio-temporal climate change impacts on groundwater-surface water interactions.

Potential doctoral students, with jointly elaborated research project, in anticipation of financial support.

  • MSc.. Do Thi Hoang Dung: Impact of climate change and sea level rise on saltwater intrusion to coastal aquifers in Nha Trang city, Vietnam.
  • MEng. Mohamed Ahmed Hossam El-Deen: Numerical modeling of groundwater movement in the Nile valley between upstream and downstream of the Aswan high dam.
  • MEng. Seyedeh Shaghayegh Mirmasoudi: The impacts of climate change and inter-annual variability such as ENSO and NAO on water resources in IRAN.
  • MEng. Sara Saadati: Assessing the impacts of climate change and land-use changes on water resources using the SWAT model: Case study of the Gorganrood basin, Iran.
  • MEng. Raphael M. Wambua: Modeling cascaled dam-induced water harvesting and sustainable irrigation potential in the Athi river catchment, Kenya.

Reviewer and examination activity of external doctoral students

  • MEng Ahmed Morchid, Ph.D.: "Modeling groundwater flow in the Lorraine aquifer," Laboratoire Environnement Géomécanique et Ouvrages (LAGEO),. L'École Polytechnique de Lorraine, Nancy, France, external principal reviewer and examiner, July 2001.
  • MEng. Niu Jun, Ph.D: "A Comprehensive Survey of Terrestrial Hydrological Processes over the Pearl River Basin in South China", Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Hong Kong University, external principal reviewer and examiner, October 2010
  • Dr.-Ing. Florian Hörtkorn: "Effectiveness of flexible bar-shaped elements in slope stabilization", Department of Geotechnical Engineering, FB 14, Examiner, December 2010
  • Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Thomas: "On pile bearing behavior under cyclic axial loading", Department of Geotechnical Engineering, FB 14, proposed as substitute examiner, July 2011