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GFB Promotion and Science Award

Year Award Awardee Supervisor Title
2023 GFB Science Prize (Master) Angela Jalili Schopbach, Racky Application and solution possibilities of sequencing problems in civil engineering
2023 GFB Sponsorship Award (Bachelor) Jonas Langer Schopbach, Racky Tolerances in building construction - requirements and tools for calculation
2023 GFB Sponsorship Award (Bachelor) Valeria Cravciuc Racky, Schopbach Development of a lean design concept for a medium-sized project developer using the example of an inner-city residential and commercial construction project in Schlüchtern
2022 GFB Sponsorship Award (Bachelor) Victoria Zeisberg Schopbach, Racky Evaluation of construction methods in residential construction with regard to their sustainability using mathematical methods
2022 GFB Sponsorship Award (Bachelor) Lena Carolin Schwarz Racky, Schopbach Construction process disruptions - analysis of causes, determination of scheduling effects and development of avoidance concepts
2021 GFB Sponsorship Award (Bachelor) Andrea Bartoschek Schleicher, Racky Development of a recommendation for action for the documentation of relevant building data for BIM-based facility management based on a digital 3D building model for an office building
2021 GFB Sponsorship Award (Bachelor) Sascha Hofeditz Schleicher, Racky Creation of a digital 3D planning model for an apartment building in the course of a functional general contractor tender with subsequent IT-supported calculation and scheduling
2021 GFB Science Award (Master) Eva Schneider Racky, Schopbach Project development of existing buildings in rural areas - Creation of a guideline for project development and redevelopment of existing properties in rural areas
2020 GFB Sponsorship Award (Bachelor) Josua Kaeber Racky, Schopbach Investigations into the optimization of material logistics in the factory of a prefabricated house manufacturer taking into account the lean management approach
2020 GFB Science Award (Master) Julian Apel Racky, Schleicher Development of a software-based tool for the calculation and cost-related project controlling of a medium-sized modular house supplier
2019 GFB Science Award 1st place (Master) Paula Frozyna Racky, Franz Development of a guideline for the standardized implementation of the technical due diligence of real estate
2019 GFB Science Prize 2nd place (Master's) Denis Theobald Racky, Franz Proof of profitability of planned new construction projects of a retail company with planned mixed use
2019 GFB Science Award 2nd place (Master) Marja Purschke Racky, Schadow Investigations into the use of agent-based simulation methods in the context of work preparation for a construction company
2018 GFB Science Award (Bachelor) Leonie Feiertag Sharmak, El Khatib Development of an e-learning concept for computer-aided design in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Kassel
2018 GFB Science Award (Master) Peter-Felix Klöpfel Racky, Franz Investigations into the optimization of the construction site process using the lean construction approach in a civil engineering project from the perspective of the executing construction company
2017 GFB Science Award (Master) René Weigel Racky, Franz Evaluation of selected verification methods for the deadline-related assessment of contractor claims from construction time supplements
2016 GFB Science Award (Bachelor) Philipp Weßling Racky, Franz Development of an implementation concept for the Last Planner system in construction projects of a small shell construction company
2016 GFB Science Prize (Master) Dominique Junge Racky, Franz Construction schedule disruptions and service changes - evaluation of the monetary and scheduling effects using the example of a tunnel construction project
2015 GFB Science Award (Bachelor) Svenja Neele Mokros Franz, Racky Description of legally compliant construction site documentation, taking into account the technical aids available today for this purpose
2015 GFB Science Prize (Master) Natalie Schröder Racky, Schleicher Incentive-based remuneration models for construction services
2014 GFB Science Award (Master) Anne Morell Racky, Franz Development of a lean construction scorecard for the control and optimization of construction processes
2011 GFB Science Award (Diploma I) David Schneider Franz, M. Kugler Evaluation of a simulation system for construction process planning in building construction based on the application in the construction of a nursing home for the elderly
2011 GFB Science Prize (Master) Sven L. Hintsche Racky, Franz Comparative costing analysis of structural maintenance measures for federal highways in conventional construction contracts and functional construction contracts
2010 GFB-Föderpreis (Diploma I) Jennifer Peter Racky, Franz Interface management in the calculation of turnkey building construction
2010 GFB Science Prize (Diploma II) Petra Marpe Franz, M. Kugler Simulation of shell construction work with sand-lime brick planning elements
2009 GFB Sponsorship Award Fabian Moritz Kerl Busch, Franz Competition Preparation - Extension of the Protestant University of Applied Sciences Freiburg
2009 GFB Science Award (Diploma I) Matthias Hempel Racky, Franz Development of a knowledge and data management system (with integrated cost evaluation tool) for the rough cost evaluation of selected factory elements of an automobile manufacturer
2008 GFB Sponsorship Award Sacha Hofmann Busch, Franz German Red Cross - Multigenerational Meeting Point
2008 GFB Science Award Michael Wald Busch, Franz Revitalization of an inner-city brownfield site "Casinoplatz Alsfeld"