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The research focus of the FG Construction and Maintenance of Traffic Routes is the development, testing and evaluation of durable traffic route pavements. In addition to the projects worked on in the traffic route construction laboratory on the testing and development of innovative road construction materials, theoretical foundations are laid for recording the durability of traffic route pavements.

Current research projects:

  • Interlaboratory test 25/46: Resistance to permanent deformation and cold properties Determination of precision in interlaboratory tests (BMVI), since 07/2021
  • BEZIBIT: Investigation into the characterization of bitumen (BMDV / subcontract TU Braunwscheig), since  01/2022
  • AC BE: Investigations on the use of asphalt concrete with bitumen emulsion in asphalt base courses (BMDV), since 12/2022
  • KaWeBE: Further development of the initial testing of emulsion-bound asphalt mixes (BMDV), since 01/2023
  • QTA: Development of a testing system for the quality assurance of temperature-reduced asphalts (BMDV, subcontract TU Braunschweig), since 01/2023 
  • InQuAs: Innovative quality assurance in asphalt production: Continuous production monitoring and improvement of occupational health and safety through significant reduction of exposure to solvent vapors (BMWK / Aif-iGF), since 05/2023
  • Integrating the benefits of recycling approach and warm mix asphalt technology: New insights towards accelerating the diffusion phenomenon between new and aged bitumen (Georg-Foster grant), since 06/2023