Institut für konstruktiven Ingenieurbau (IKI)

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In­sti­tut for con­struc­ti­ven In­ge­nieur­bau | * Executive Director
Fields of expertise(IKI)Management
Building preservation and timber constructionProf. Dr.-Ing. Werner Seim
GeotechnicsProf. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Reul
Solid ConstructionProf. Dr.-Ing. Ekkehard Fehling *
Steel constructionProf. Dr.-Ing. Mathias Clobes
Materials of construction and construction chemistryProf. Dr. rer. nat. Bernhard Middendorf
Amt­li­che Ma­te­ ri­al­prüf­an­stalt (AMPA) 
Central Test LaboratoryDr.-Ing. Thomas Hahn

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University of Kassel
Department 14
Civil and Environmental Engineering
IKI - In­sti­tut for con­struc­ ti ­ven In­ge­nieur­ bau
Mönchebergstraße 7

D-34125 Kassel
D-34109 Kassel (letter post)