Po­si­ti­ons Avail­able

3 PhD positions available in geoscience disciplines: Collaborative project between the Universities of Tübingen (GER), Vienna (AUT) and Kassel (GER)

We invite applications for three PhD positions to participate in a collaborative research project between the Universities of Tübingen (Germany), Vienna (Austria) and Kassel (Germany). The project will advance the process-based understanding of the sedimentological, hydrogeological and microbial-ecological controls that modulate the ability of aquifers to reduce the agricultural contaminant, nitrate, via denitrification. The proposed project aims to quantitatively link aquifer hydraulic and biogeochemical properties with the “reactivity” of aquifer sediments. Via coupled hydrogeological, sedimentological and microbiological field and lab investigations and reactive transport modelling, the project aims to yield reliable estimates of aquifer-specific reactivity to feed larger scale predictive models.

Prospective PhD students will benefit from a collaborative research network at the cutting edge of various geoscience disciplines, the opportunity to participate in field campaigns at various sites across Germany and Austria and will participate in yearly multi-lateral project workshops organized at the various member institutions.

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