Project Overview

Decision support for strengthening land resilience in the face of global challenges

Project Goals:

  • Identify recommendation domains for scalable innovations towards sustainable crop production and animal husbandry in West Africa.
  • Construct a decision support system (DSS) for land use and land management as well as policy development.
  • Apply digital information technology to project the effects of innovations on food availability, farmer income, and system resilience to climate change.

DecLaRe focusses on the sub-humid savanna regions of northern Benin and Ghana. The project builds on available local and scientific knowledge and databases, and enhances their use by research at the field level and modelling at the national to regional level. A close connection between science, policy, and the private sector will facilitate effective use of the DSS by decision makers. The project will also engage with existing MSc and PhD programs on sustainable land management in the African partner countries and will train 11 additional PhD Fellows.