Analysis of psychological factors forstering the adoption of energy saving measures in cities


The project SAM -Cities is funded by the EIT Climate-KIC of the European Commission and the City of Frankfurt. he project target is to develop psychological methods that support households in reducing their electricity consumption. In recent years, many psychological methods such as nudging, prompts or commitments have been tested (mostly isolated) for their effectiveness in promoting sustainable behavior. Some studies were able to show that a combination of various methods have a higher effectiveness than using just one single method. The project goes one step further by testing the efficiency of certain psychological methods for reducing electricity consumption for individual lifestyles in experiments in Frankfurt/Main Germany. The final objective consists in working out various bundles of the most appropriate psychological methods as well as less suitable methods for the individual lifestyle groups.

Project duration

December 2014 − November 2017

Project management

Andreas Ernst

Project staff

Iris Joschko