KasselAgroForest project

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Agroforestry systems for climate-sensitive species in northern Hesse - research into the transformation field based on an example area in Niedermeiser (KasselAgroForst)

Project objective

The core objective of the project is to analyze the potential for establishing agroforestry in the district of Kassel and in northern Hesse. To this end, business models for various agroforestry systems are being analyzed and transformation conditions in the region are being researched.

The project team estimates that agriculture and the landscape benefit from agroforestry systems.

Image: Miriam Athmann

Information about the project

What are the benefits of agroforestry systems for farms?

Together with the stakeholders, the aim is to investigate:

  • How can agroforestry in the North Hesse region simultaneously serve agriculture (conventional and organic) and nature and climate protection?
  • Who is interested in establishing agroforestry systems on their farm? And what is needed to make it worthwhile and feasible?
  • What potential can be developed through inter-farm cooperation in cultivation, harvesting and marketing? How can obstacles be overcome?


What is planned?

A time window until June 2024 is planned to work out what potential there is for agroforestry in the region. An expansion of the study area and content to include municipal and regional planning processes is planned by March 2025.

The project is funded by the Kassel Regional Council (Department 24 Protected Areas, Species Protection, Biodiversity, Landscape Conservation). A demonstration area for agroforestry with nature conservation aspects is to be created on an area near Niedermeiser. At the same time, research is to be carried out into whether agroforestry in the region is a desirable solution component for climate-resilient, sustainable agriculture that also serves to protect species.

The development of practicable solutions - together and at eye level with agriculture, processing, marketing, nature conservation, administration and citizens - is very important to the project team.