Marlene Batzke (Dr.)


Wilhelmshöher Allee 47
34109 Kassel
Raum 2140

Research interessts  (Marlene Batzke (Dr.))

Being a social and environmental psychologist, I am particularly interested in how people deal with internal and external conflict situations. How do people handle attitude-behavior discrepancies, contradictions and ambivalences? How do they behave in dilemma situations? I focus on the processes of norm and value development and their change - within individuals as well as with regard to social change in societies. How do the changing environmental demands and the personal response to them influence the individual’s self-image? These processes are of particular relevance with regard to the challenges of the environmental and climate crisis and the associated socio-ecological transformation.

Academic background  (Marlene Batzke (Dr.))

since 2024

Postdoc researcher at the Center for Environmental Systems Research, University of Kassel, Germany

2019 - 2023

PhD student at the Center for Environmental Systems Research, University of Kassel, Germany


M.Sc. in Psychology, University of Marburg, Germany


B.Sc. in Psychology, University of Marburg, Germany


Study abroad at Pennsylvania State University, USA


Scholar of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation

Publications  (Marlene Batzke (Dr.))


Dannenberg, A., Gutsche, G., Batzke, M. C. L., Christens, S., Engler, D., Mankat, F., Möller, S., Weingärtner, E., Ernst, A., Lumkowsky, M., von Wangenheim, G., Hornung, G., & Ziegler, A. (2024). The Effects of Norms on Environmental Behavior. Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, NN.
Batzke, M. C. L., & Ernst, A. (2024). Distinguishing fast change in social norms and slow change in personal norms in cooperative decision-making. Frontiers in Psychology, 15, TBD.


Batzke, M. C. L., & Ernst, A. (2023). Conditions and Effects of Norm Internalization. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 26(1), 1–31.
Batzke, M. C. L. (2023). Dynamics of Norms in Decision - Making A Psychological Analysis Combining Theory, Experiment, and Social Simulation.


Batzke, M. C. L., & Ernst, A. (2022). Explaining and Resolving Norm-Behavior Inconsistencies—A Theoretical Agent-Based Model. In M. Czupryna & B. Kamiński (Hrsg.), Advances in Social Simulation (S. 41–52). Cham: Springer International Publishing.


Batzke, M., & Cohrs, C. (2020). „Ja, aber...“ – Förderung klimafreundlichen Verhaltens durch die Veränderung individueller Rechtfertigungsstrategien. Kurzbericht [“Yes, but...“ – Promoting environmentally friendly behavior by altering individual account strategies. Short report.]. Umweltpsychologie, 24(1), 131–141.