Meghan Beck-O'Brien (Dr.-Ing.)


Research interests  (Meghan Beck-O'Brien (Dr.-Ing.))

My research focuses on the transition to a resource-efficient, circular bioeconomy and the development of sustainability targets and indicators. I am especially interested in how the smart bioeconomy can bridge human-nature systems to meet Sustainable Development Goals over the short and long term. I am convinced that halting biodiversity loss is a key and urgent challenge of our time and to this end my research aims to better understand how land system change can be kept within a globally safe and just operating space and how regenerative agriculture and forestry can be better incentivized in and across borders. In particular, tackling root causes of land use change and avoiding burden shifting are high priorities and I am interested in advancing research on models of business, governance and community that promote system innovation, resilience and well-being across both value chains and multiple scales of analysis.

Vita  (Meghan Beck-O'Brien (Dr.-Ing.))

2012 – 2015     Promotion (Dr.-Ing.), Universität Kassel
2005 – 2007     M.Sc.Nachhaltiges Ressourcenmanagement, Technische Universität München
2000 – 2004     BA "Environmental Studies", Elmira College, USA 

Professional activity  (Meghan Beck-O'Brien (Dr.-Ing.))

02/2017 - 12/2018
08/2008 - 12/2020

Publications  (Meghan Beck-O'Brien (Dr.-Ing.))


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