Anna Schomberg (M.Sc. Geowissenschaften)


Wilhelmshöher Allee 47
34117 Kassel
4690, 0180

Publications  (Anna Schomberg (M.Sc. Geowissenschaften))


Schomberg, A. C., & Bringezu, S. (2023). How can the water use of lithium brine mining be adequately assessed? Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 190, TBD.


Schomberg, A. C., Bringezu, S., Flörke, M., & Biederbick, H. (2022). Spatially explicit life cycle assessments reveal hotspots of environmental impacts from renewable electricity generation. Communications Earth {&} Environment, 3(1), 197.


Schomberg, A. C., Bringezu, S., & Flörke, M. (2021). Extended life cycle assessment reveals the spatially-explicit water scarcity footprint of a lithium-ion battery storage. Commun Earth Environ, 2(1), TBD.
Berger, M., Campos, J., Carolli, M., Dantas, I., Forin, S., Kosatica, E., Kramer, A., Mikosch, N., Nouri, H., Schlattmann, A., Schmidt, F., Schomberg, A. C., & Semmling, E. (2021). Advancing the Water Footprint into an Instrument to Support Achieving the SDGs - Recommendations from the "Water as a Global Resources’’ Research Initiative (GRoW). Water Resources Management, 35(4), 1291–1298.