Systems analysis for the assessment of CO2-Utilization technologies

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The preceeding programme, CO2Plus (2016-2019), showed that the utilization of CO2 as a carbon source represents a promising and sustainable alternative to fossil resources. However, to enable large scale industrial application it is necessary to overcome several economic and technological barriers as well as to examine ecological boundary conditions.

In CO2WinConnect comprehensive technology assessments will be conducted for the CO2‑Utiliziation technologies developed in the subprojects of the funding measure (for example Artificial Photosynthesis, Mineralization or Biochemical processes). For promising technologies a techno-economic and ecological assessment will be carried out. Relevant location factors and their effects will be analysed.

Potential economic and ecological effects will be evaluated on a national scale for the specific technologies. The potential for Joint Ventures will be explored together with industrial companies. The aim is to initiate cooperation along the value chain from the CO2-sequestration to the production of market ready polymer products.

CESR contributes to the transfer and networking project CO2WinConnect within the national funding programme CO2Win. The project is carried out in cooperation with DECHEMA (, the German Institute for standardization ( and the IASS (