Comprehensive Modelling of the Earth system for better climate prediction and projection


The main research objective will be to assess the vulnerability of water resources to global environmental, social, and economic change. The WaterGAP model will be used for modelling global water availability and water use. WaterGAP provides a framework to take into account the impact of major driving forces on future water resources. To assess the impact of land use changes on future water resources, model simulations will be carriedout with LandShift, which combines human and environmental aspects of the land system. The coupling of both models, LandShift and WaterGAP, will enable a consistent analysis of IPCC AR5 climate impacts on changes in land and water resources on a global scale.

Funding agency

Europäische Union (EU), FP7

Project duration

June 2009  −  May 2013

Project management

Rüdiger Schaldach

Project staff

Christina Kölking
Jan Schüngel