2018 - News Campusfest

The campus festival of the University of Kassel - which celebrated its third anniversary this year - again provided an ideal opportunity for CINSaT to give interested citizens from the region an insight into research and study opportunities in the field of nanotechnology at the University of Kassel.


(Kopie 3)

For this purpose, CINSaT displayed exhibits on core topics of nanotechnology in addition to information material about the science center and the bachelor and master programs in nanoscience supported by CINSaT. These range from a replica of a scanning probe microscope built using LEGO Mindstorms, through models of DNA molecules and the so-called football molecule "Buckminster Fulleren", to magnetic nanostructures such as those found in hard disks, or the influence of magnetic fields on magnetic materials. In the latter case, visitors were able to experience first-hand that the toner material of laser printers, for example, is magnetic. The campus party was therefore once again a successful event to bring the work of CINSaT closer to the public.