Study Programme Nanostructure Sciences

The scientific center CINSaT offers the interdisciplinary Bachelor & Master study program nanostructure sciences in collaboration with the involved department 10 – mathematics and natural sciences at the University of Kassel. At the beginning of the winter semester 2016/17 the new international Master study program Nanoscience is available for the first time for beginners.

How are nanostructures structured? Which properties are characteristic to them? How can they be manipulated, assembeled and equipped with useful properties? In order to answer these questions the course of studies in nanostructure sciences teaches relevant fundamentals in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. The compulsory study mainly focuses on chemistry. The students gain knowledge in inorganic chemistry, molecular chemistry and solid state phyics among other thing.

The elective modules give an oppertunity to specialize individualy in subjets like for example high performance materials and nanotechnology, synthetic chemistry, nanosensorics, organic photochemistry and spectrometry or neurophysiology. Practical experience and experience in laboratorys in a variety of thematic fields are obtained through a broad offer of internships.

Source: University of Kassel: Bachelor's degree Nanostructure Science

By planning and conducting experiments, and presenting their results in written and oral form, students develop their skills in scientific practice. They obtain competencies highly beneficial for employment in an interdisciplinary environment in industry or public service. These include not only subject-specific knowledge but also soft skills such as scientific communication and time management. In addition to lectures and laboratory work in at least two of the natural sciences with special emphasis on the nanoscale, individual specialization is possible in a large number of elective courses. Some of the courses may also be taken abroad in a partner university or institution. The two-year programme concludes with a Master thesis on a special research topic in nanoscience. Upon successful completion of the programme, the academic title "Master of Science" will be awarded. 

Quelle: University of Kassel: Master Programme Nanoscience