12/12/2022 | ITeG

Neuerscheinung: "Big Data - Big Accountability" von Constantin Herfurth

Bei Springer Vieweg ist jetzt die Dissertation von Constantin Herfurth erschienen: "Big Data - Big Accountability. Erkennung von Versicherungsbetrug mit Big Data nach der Datenschutz-Grundverordnung"

For years, enormous hopes and great fears have been associated with the phenomenon of "Big Data" as part of a data-driven future. More and more actors from the private and public sectors are collecting and using such masses of data for a variety of purposes. From a data protection perspective, this raises the question: Is it possible to carry out Big Data procedures in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation or does Big Data inevitably mean "Small Privacy"? Using the example of combating fraud with Big Data in motor vehicle liability insurance, Constantin Herfurth analyses the framework conditions under data protection law and develops new models to be able to apply proven data protection principles innovatively and create "Big Accountability". In doing so, he not only paints a more differentiated picture of Big Data, but also points out ways to make it compliant with data protection law and encourages the further development of existing mechanisms and instruments of the General Data Protection Regulation.

(Note: the original text on the publisher's website has been translated automatically.)