The Research Center for Information System Design (ITeG) at Kassel University stands for 15 years of successful interdisciplinary IT development. ITeG brings together working groups from different disciplines (computer science, information systems, psychology, human-machine systems engineering, law and sociology).

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Hu­mans and ma­chi­nes as team part­ners

Advances in the field of artificial intelligence offer new design options for reorganizing knowledge work at the interface between humans and AI. The differences in the abilities and skills of humans and machines create new design challenges that this research project will address. The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) with 1.9 million euros. The AI junior research group in Kassel is headed by Dr. Sarah Oeste-Reiß.

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Rechts­hand­buch So­ci­al Me­dia (Le­gal Ma­nu­al So­ci­al Me­dia)

With the development of the internet into Web 2.0, social media have become an indispensable part of our private and professional everyday life. Services such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp or platforms for reviews and blogs have gained considerable practical importance and raise numerous legal questions that are often unresolved or evolving.

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Nud­ging Pri­va­cy in the Di­gi­ta­li­sed World of Work - Sys­te­ma­tic Con­cept De­ve­lop­ment and Pi­lo­ting

The targeted inclusion of nudges in the decision-making process of employees in digital work systems creates privacy-friendly IT systems with a high degree of informational self-determination.

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Am­bi­va­lent tech­no­lo­gy – bet­ween sup­port or sur­veil­lan­ce

Computer scientists and legal scholars from the Re­se­arch Cen­ter for In­for­ma­ti­on Sys­tem De­sign at the University of Kassel are conducting research in the interdisciplinary DFG project "NORA" on the recognition and prediction of contexts of mobile collaborative applications in accordance with data protection.

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Po­si­ti­on Pa­per. Re­qui­re­ments and de­sign pat­terns for the le­gal­ly com­p­li­ant and qua­li­ty-ori­en­ted de­sign of con­text-sen­si­ti­ve ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons (An­EkA).

At the end of the DFG project "Requirements and design models for the legally compatible and quality-centred design of context-sensitive applications (AnEkA)", the interdisciplinary team of researchers in business informatics and law at the ITeG presented tangible recommendations for action for the design of requirements and design models.

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"Fair di­gi­tal ser­vices: Co-va­lua­ti­on in the de­sign of busi­ness mo­dels in da­ta eco­no­my (FAIR­DIENS­TE)".

In the project "Fair digital services: Co-valuation in the design of business models in data economy (FAIRDIENSTE)", different ways of balancing values in a fair way in the course of business model design are explored using sociological and information systems approaches.

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Cur­rent Re­se­arch Pro­jects

New and ongoing research at the ITeG Research Centre

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