Internal dynamics of chiral molecules in the light of IR- and THz-radiation

Prof. Dr. Thomas Giesen

In project B3 properties and dynamical behavior of chiral molecules in the gas-phase will be studied by means of infrared- and Terahertz-spectroscopy. The tunneling behavior of chiral molecules as a function of rotational-vibrational excitation will be investigated using narrow-band phase-stabilized infrared lasers. The chiral excess of a racemate will be determined by coherently coupled rotational-vibrational states and methods for enantio-selective excitations will be developed in cooperation with project B2. These investigations, supported by project C3, will open new prospects to chiral purification of a racemic gas-mixture. Furthermore, spectroscopic methods will be developed towards precision spectroscopy to experimentally prove the predicted effect of molecular parity violation for the first time.