Measure the Contributions of Research for Practice and Society

Extension of a current research information system to a monitoring tool and development of an evaluation procedure

Duration 11/2017 - 12/2023

Online workshop at Nov 11th 2022

Approaches for the sustainability assessment of research
Joint workshop with LeNa Shape
(German language)

Online workshop at Nov 11th 2022: continue to workshop presentations, Nov 11th 2022

SynSICRIS: Presentation of the tools (06/2023)

SynSICRIS: Tool presentation online on 19.06.2023 by Birge Wolf, Doris Lange and David Kühn (University of Kassel): Monitoring tool for project members and usage of the developed criteria set.


The SynSICRIS monitoring tool was tested by the user groups researchers/project participants, funding bodies and knowledge transfer - we are very grateful for the commitment of those involved. The focus was on usability. Further tests are also planned for the future.

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About the project

Support impact-oriented funding processes.
Improve application and transfer.
Promoting visibility and acknowledgement of practice-oriented research.

The SynSICRIS project is developing a way to record and evaluate the contributions and solutions of research and development to societal challenges, using agricultural research as an example.

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The starting point is formed by established scientific concepts of innovation, scientific and transdisciplinary research. A participatory requirements analysis with the various groups of actors sets the framework for tool development.

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About us

SynSICRIS is a project of the University of Kassel and disy Informationssysteme GmbH in Karlsruhe and other partners.

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