Team KasselAgroForest (Kopie 2)

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Project lead and team assistance

Prof. Dr. Miriam Athmann
Telefon: +49 5542-98 1565 (Secr.)
Email: mail[at]synsicris[dot]de


Photo from Annalena MüllerImage: Annalena Müller

Annalena Müller
Phone: +49 5542-98 1565
Email: annalena.mueller[at]uni-kassel[dot]de


Project Coordination

Valentin Gebhardt
Email: Valentin.Gebhardt[at]hs-gm[dot]de

Doctoral candidate

Phytomedicine in viticulture and horticulture

Lisa Schwarz
Email: Lisa.Schwarz[at]hs-gm[dot]de

PhD student