Nanophotonics (FB16-2700)

Nanophotonics (FB16-2700)

( Prof. Dr. T. Kusserow)

The lecture is given in English language (optional in German).


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Introduction & Fundamentals

  • EM waves in nanostructures and waveguides
  • The near-field of EM waves
  • Spatial frequencies

Periodic Structures

  • Waves in periodic structures
  • Bloch modes and band diagrams

1D Periodic Structures

  • Thin-film optics

2D and 3D Periodic Structures

  • Photonic Crystals, defects
  • Fano resonances
  • Photonic Crystal fibers
  • Surface modes


  • Fundamentals
  • Surface plasmon polaritons
  • Localized plasmon polaritons
  • Applications

Optical Properties of Materials

  • Maxwell equations in matter, wave propagation
  • Dispersion models of different materials
  • Time-dependent response, Kramers-Kroning relations
  • Non-linear optics

Effective Index Theory

  • Clausius-Mossotti relation
  • Effective index models
  • Applications
  • Metamaterials and metasurfaces


  • Optical forces, optical tweezer
  • Cavity opto-mechanics
  • Ponderomotive force


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