Work Pa­cka­ges

Three overarching research questions are addressed:

1. Which ecosystem services trade-offs does cultivation of landscape products create, and how are these benefitting or harming different actors and actor groups?

2. How is value of landscape products captured in multifunctional landscapes, and how are goods, financial resources, and information about these landscapes transmitted along the value chains to and from the distant places of distribution / consumption?

3. What are the key leverage points in value chains of landscape products that support a transition toward sustainable landscape management?


These questions will be adressed in the following work packages.

Work package one deals with social-ecological trade-offs around cultivation of landscape products.

Work package two looks at flows between places of production and consumption.

Work package three aims to generalize an overall research outcome:  Key leverage points for transitions toward sustainable landscape management.

You will find the specific description of the work packages in the following subsections.