News: PhosMOrg Symposium 2018


Phosphoregulation of Biomolecules:
from Mechanisms to Organisms


Bootshaus, University of Kassel


34121 Kassel


Program    (printable version)

Welcome by PhosMOrg Consortium


08:20  R. Schaffrath (PhosMOrg Coordinator)


Session IMechanisms

Phosphotransfer basics, kinetics, modelling and detection


08:30  F. W. Herberg / S. Pautz(PhosMOrg)

           Biochemical characterization of AGC kinases


09:00  C. Lenz(Göttingen)

           Mass spectrometry in phosphoproteomics


09:30  S. Knapp (Frankfurt/Main)

           Selective targeting of protein kinases


10:00  Coffee break / Poster


10:30  M. E. Garcia / R. König(PhosMOrg)

           Simulation of ADP release from PKA-C under the presence of different

           number of magnesium ions

Session II – Mechanisms/Organisms

Biomolecular phosphorylation relevant for NanoScience


11:00  T. Fuhrmann-Lieker / B. Mohr (PhosMOrg)

           Biomimetic approach to nanostructured silica particles


11:30  A. Jantschke (Dresden)

           The relevance of phosphorylation/phosphate in biomineralization

12:00  A. Geyer (Marburg)

           The chemistry of diatoms: Synthetic silaffins for silica precipitation


12:30  Lunch


Session III– Organisms

Phosphoregulation of protein and tRNA function in vivo


14:00  R. Schaffrath / M. F. Landrock (PhosMOrg)

           Modulation of Elongator through dynamic phosphorylation


14:30  S. Glatt (Krakau)

           Lost in translation: tRNA modifications protect the proteome


15:00  S. Kellner (München)

           Application of NAIL-MS in the diagnosis of RNA modification dynamics


15:30Coffee break / Poster


16:00 H. A. Müller / V. D’Angelo (PhosMOrg)

           Regulation of the single MAST kinase Drop out in D. melanogaster


16:30  A. Wodarz (Köln)

           Regulation of actomyosin contractility at adherens junctions


17:00  Final Discussion


17:30  Get-together / Barbecue