21.06.2010 | ITeG

24.06.2010 Ciro Cattuto: Mining Social Contact with Active RFID

The availability of networked wearable devices is providing new ways to expose the mobility and the interactions of individuals.

In this talk we describe a scalable platform, based on active RFID devices, that achieves reliable detection of face-to-face interactions between individuals. We report on several large-scale experiments that we carried out in a variety of contexts, from museums to conferences, to healthcare environments. We discuss the properties of the dynamical networks of human contact and relate our measurements to established models of mobility. Finally, we discuss applications for augmenting social interactions that link real-world physical proximity with information from online social networking systems.

Dr. Ciro Cattuto
ISI-Foundation, Turin, Italien

24.6.2010, WA 73, 0446, 17:00