01.02.2022 | Publikationen

Open access article by Schneijderberg, Götze, Müller: "A study of 25 years of publication outputs in the German academic profession"

Using data from three surveys (1992, 2007 and 2018), Christian Schneijderberg, Nico Götze, and Lars Müller studied how academics’ publication behavior in Germany has changed over time. Across all disciplines, they found a trend toward a natural science publication behavior “model”. Open access provided by Scientometrics (Springer)

In their multi-level study the authors took a close look at the organisational, and discipline level and their respective relation to individual academics' publication behavior. On the organizational level, they observed that a strong HEI research performance orientation is positively correlated with journal articles, peer-reviewed publications, and co-publications with international co-authors.  At the level of individual disciplines, humanities and social sciences scholars adapt to the peer-reviewed journal publication paradigm of the natural sciences at the expense of book publications.

Schneijderberg, C., Götze, N. & Müller, L. A study of 25 years of publication outputs in the German academic profession. Scientometrics127, 1–28 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1007/s11192-021-04216-2