INCHER Colloquium 10. July 2024 : Knowledge and technology transfer between science and industry:The importance of public procurement by scientific institutions

Lecturer: Dr. Bastian Krieger (Forschungsbereich „Innovationsökonomik und Unternehmensdynamik“, ZEW – Leibniz-Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung GmbH Mannheim )

Abstract: The potential of public procurement as a policy measure to promote innovation in businesses has been repeatedly confirmed over the past ten years. Despite its particular potential for innovation, public procurement by scientific institutions has so far only been sporadically considered. Our research project aims to i) take stock of major procurements by German scientific institutions and ii) determine their effects on the supplying firms as well as the procuring institutions themselves. To achieve this, a variety of different databases are combined and their combination is analyzed using Difference-in-Differences methods. The current progress as of July 2024 is presented.

Bastian Krieger is head of the Junior Research Group “Co-Creation” in ZEW’s Research Unit “Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics”. Moreover, he is the contact person for the research area “Industry-Science Linkages and Technology Transfer”. His work focuses on the quantitative analysis of firms’ collaboration with public authorities, research institutes, industrial partners, and customers.

His current projects combine different firm-level databases with detailed information on firms’ public procurement awards, service trades, local universities, and scientific publications to tackle a variety of research questions. At this point, his  work was published in Research PolicyScientometrics, and the Energy Journal

The INCHER lectures in summer semester 2024 are hybrid events.
Zoom participation only after prior registration (

Venue: INCHER, University of Kassel, meeting room 4102, Mönchebergstraße 17
34125 Kassel

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