C12 - Dynamic Simulation of Energy Systems

Host: Institut für Konstruktion und Materialwissenschaften
Date: February 10th -15th, 2014

The course was divided in two parts, the first one focused on simulation tools and techniques, the other part was to perform a simulation project with its written report.

Course Contents

  • In seminar on simulation tools, the participants analyzed the differences between different simulation tools and discussed their advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore they learned to choose a suitable tool for a given problem.
  • In hand-ins during the intensive teaching period, the participants used a simulation tool to simulate different types of systems and buildings.
  • In a written report for a project, the participants applied advanced dynamic simulation techniques for energy systems and planned and performed a simulation study.


The course had an intensive period of lectures, seminars and practical simulation exercises. Most of the lectures were pre-recorded and uploaded to a website. It was needed to look at these documents before and during the intensive teaching period. During this teaching period the emphasis was on discussions (seminars), practical exercises and planning of projects. The students were recommended to install TRNSYS before the course but it was accepted to use other softwares as well, for example MatLab/Simuling.

As the students often have different levels of experience with the simulation tool used, TRNSYS, the exercises were chosen by the students themselves and they were given supervision/help when required.

Monday 10th FebruaryIntroduction, Simulation tool seminar & exercises.
Tuesday 11th FebruaryTRNSYS modelling & exercises.
Wednesday 12th FebruaryProject planning seminar 1 and exercises.
Thursday 13th FebruaryExercises.
Friday 14th FebruaryProject planning seminar 2 and exercises. Closing session.