Technical Tour - Denmark

SolNet-SHINE Technical Tour

Whole day excursion to
-    Arcon Solar A/S,,
-    PlanEnergi, and
-    Dronninglund 37000 m² solar heating plant

Date: May 20th, 2014

Within the course, the students visited the headquarters of Arcon Solar A/S (now Arcon Sunmark), in Skørping (Jutland, DK). Arcon Solar is the market leader in Europe in the production and installation of large scale solar collector field for district heating application. After a presentation about the company, the students were led to visit the production line of Arcon Solar. They could see closely how the solar collectors are manufactured step by step and ask questions to Arcon Solar’s staff.

Afterwards, the CEO of Arcon Solar, Søren Elisiussen, accompanied the students to the nearby solar collector field of Dronninglund, which had been recently completed. The field consists of a collector area of 37,573 m2 (see picture) and a water pit seasonal storage of 60,000 m3. It was really interesting for the students to see (and walk on) the floating lid of such a large water pit storage and some of the technical measures which must be taken for a good maintenance of the lid, such as collection of rain water, de-aeration  of the storage, inspection of the pit.