Login into Hispos

Students log into the exam administration program with their current Uni-Account under http://portal.uni-kassel.de .

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Help if the login fails

If the message ´login failed´ (Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen) appears or nothing happens, either username/ password are not accepted or the username is unknown.


Login fails
This can have various reasons:

Analysis and remedy
Before you contact the ITS, please try the following steps:

Typing error (shift key or suchlike)

Correct typing error. Before a new login please change the current index card. For example consider that the category ´Courses´ instead of ´Facilities´ is active.

Account was not activated

Activation of Uni-account:

Account was not registered in the personal data


The account is active but the password was not changed on time

Please contact the IT-Servicedesk: 804-5678

Forgot password


→ Forgot password


The password must be regularly changed (after 180 days). A reminder email to the email-address of your Uni-account is sent on time (three times).