UniAccountImage: Universität Kassel

If you have forgotten your password, please contact our IT helpdesk:
Mönchebergstraße 11, Room 1740a
Monday-Thursday 9:00-18:00, Friday 9:00-14:00

Alternatively, you can reset your password on your own. The prerequisite for this is that you have previously entered your mobile phone number in your IDM profile.

What do you need your UniAccount for?

In order to use the IT services of the university, you need a UniAccount. Among others, the following services can be used with a UniAccount.

What is my user ID?

The user ID you receive when activating the account is your username for various IT services of the university.

Usually, the user ID has the format "uk012345".

Older accounts sometimes still use the format "s_123ABC", "m_012345" or a combination of first and last name. Guest accounts use the format "g123".

Go-link of this webpage: www.uni-kassel.de/go/uniaccount