Application and Duration

How do I get my UniAccount?

In order to use the IT services of the university, you need a UniAccount. How you obtain your UniAccount depends on which group of people you belong to.

For students, a UniAccount is automatically created at the end of their enrollment process. You will need a matriculation number for the activation process, which you will receive in the welcome e-mail after successful enrollment.

For employees, a UniAccount is automatically created after the processing of the employment contract by the Human Resources Department. You will need a personnel number (SAP) for the activation process. This will be provided to you by the Human Resources Department after the account has been created.

For persons who do not fall under any of the above categories and require a UniAccount, an account application is required. See "Guests and lecturers".

The activation process is described here: "Activation".

In order for you to receive a UniAccount as a guest or lecturer (without a personnel number), an employee of the university must first submit an account application for you. Please fill out the form "Application for UniAccount" and send it to:

University of Kassel
IT Servicezentrum
Mönchebergstraße 11
34109 Kassel

or as a scan to

< it-servicedesk[at]uni-kassel[dot]de >

Please fill out the form completely. It must be signed by both persons. Also enter your function (for example lecturer). You will receive the activation code by mail or email after your application has been processed.

The activation process is described here: "Activation".

If you would like to register with the Citizens' University, please contact UniKasselTransfer (UKT), where you will also receive your UniAccount.

You can find more information on the website of the Citizens' University.

Duration of the UniAccount

For students, the UniAccount is automatically renewed upon successful re-registration for the next semester. For employees, the duration of the UniAccount corresponds to the duration of the employment contract.

If your UniAccount was applied for manually, it has a fixed duration and must be renewed regularly. Use the renewal application for this purpose.

If the duration of your UniAccount is limited, you will be informed by e-mail to your UniAccount mailbox before the duration expires.

You have received a notification that the UniAccount expires, but you still need it? Make a request for term extension with the UniAccount application. However, tick "extension" and do not forget to indicate the user ID.

Please make sure that the signature of the person responsible for the cost center is present. Without this, the application cannot be processed.

Please send the renewal application either by mail to:

IT Service Center University of Kassel
Mönchebergstraße 11
34109 Kassel

or by e-mail to < it-servicedesk[at]uni-kassel[dot]de >.

Your request will be processed within a few days. You will be informed about the new expiration date of your UniAccount by e-mail.

The renewal request is not meant for secondary accounts. A secondary account is renewed by reassigning it. You can find detailed instructions on how to do this under "Secondary Accounts".

Forms UniAccount

Please send UniAccount creation, renewal, transfer, and cancellation forms either by mail to:

IT Service Center University of Kassel
Mönchebergstraße 11
34109 Kassel

or by e-mail to

Deletion of UniAccounts

Most UniAccounts are automatically deleted according to fixed rules. This is especially true for UniAccounts of students.

For students

Student accounts lose the authorization to log in to eCampus upon exmatriculation. If you still need certificates after exmatriculation, please contact the Admissions Office. If you need certificates of achievements, please contact the examination office responsible for you.

For employees

If you are an employee, you can still use your UniAccount for 30 days after the end of your contract period. After that the login will be deactivated and the account will be prepared for deletion. If you still need the account, please use the renewal application.

If you - for whatever reason - have one or more UniAccounts that you no longer need (e.g. function accounts), there is a regulated procedure for transferring these UniAccounts to another person or for having the UniAccount deleted.

You want to delete a UniAccount

If a UniAccount is deleted, this also applies to all data connected with it: Emails, email addresses, web pages, files stored on the home network drive, etc.

To initialize the deletion, please send the completed and signed UniAccount Deletion Form to ITS.

You will be informed about the deletion by e-mail if you have provided an e-mail address independent of the UniAccount to be deleted.

You want to transfer a UniAccount to another person

If you would like to have a UniAccount transferred to another person, for example because one of your service tasks has been transferred to this person, please send the completed form for the transfer of a UniAccount, signed by both persons concerned, to the ITS.