The department has defined specific research topics in the fields of measurement technology (MT) as well as control engineering (RT). It possesses extensive modern laboratory equipment.

Published results

The department owns several remote sensing systems (thermographic cameras, visual cameras, depth cameras, IR laser based gas sensing system, laser scanners, and ultrasonic probes) as well as several mobile robots as carrier platforms. An optics and a mobile robot laboratory as well as a multi-use test field can be used for development and test purposes. In addition, calibration and auxiliary tools such as infrared and ultrasonic calibrators as well as gas leak simulators are available.

The department of Measurement and Control operates different test stands (servo-pneumatics, mechatronic actuators, 3-tank system) and the model factory µPlant (under construction). These experimental facilities permit repeatable testing of identification and control design methods in a realistic setting while permitting to add arbitrary disturbances. Two PC pools with in total 30 PCs and Matlab®/Simulink®- and LabVIEW® licences are available for scientific computing.