VDI working group "Mess- und Automatisierungstechnik"

Measurement and automation technology represents a cross-industry cross-sectional discipline. Although it often works in secret ("a hidden technology"), it is a key technology for the creation of important innovations. Well-known examples can be found in the application areas of vehicle, process, manufacturing and building technology.

One of the goals of AK 4 (working group) is to promote the technical and scientific exchange between all those interested in measurement and automation technology from the North Hesse region.

The AK 4 would like to offer a platform for cross-industry and cross-company information exchange and networking. For this purpose, 4-5 lectures are organized per year, which also give the opportunity for informal getting to know each other, networking and exchange. The working group is part of the Nordhessischen Bezirksvereins e.V. in the VDI.

Upcoming and past presentations are listed below. The events are open to the public and usually take place in lecture hall 0400 at Mönchebergstr. 7 instead (map). Participation is free. If you would like to be informed about future lectures by e-mail, you are welcome to send an e-mail to our secretariat (office (at) mrt.uni-kassel.de). Your address will then be included in the e-mail distribution list.

A certificate of participation can be issued on request. Please print out the certificate of participation, fill it out and have it signed by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Submit Kroll. (Certificate of Participation).

All interested are welcome.

Working group in the VDI Nordhessen


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