De­part­ments of the In­sti­tu­te of Ma­te­ri­als En­gi­nee­ring

Image: Blafield

Plas­tics Ma­te­ri­als

The working group combines the main research areas of materials engineering, plastics process technology, as well as joining technology and material composites. Both basic research-oriented and application-oriented tasks are considered.

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Image: Christine Buhl

Me­tal­lic Ma­te­ri­als

The research activities in the department Metallic Materials are focusing on the general topic of processing-microstructure-properties relationships, whereby fundamental and application-oriented issues are addressed in a balanced manner.

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Me­cha­ni­cal Be­ha­vi­or of Ma­te­ri­als (un­der re­pla­ce­ment)

He­te­ro­ge­neous Ma­te­ri­als (un­der re­pla­ce­ment)