Departments of the Institute of Materials Engineering

Image: Blafield

Plastics Materials

Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Heim

Plastics Materials : Forward
Image: Christine Buhl

Metallic Materials

Prof. Dr. Thomas Niendorf

Metallic Materials : Forward
Image: S. Krauß / B. Merle

Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Image: W. Song

Granularity of Structural Information in Materials Engineering

Symbolic image for research in material processing. This photo shows a section of a microscope. In the center is a transparent glass slide on a black platform. Above it is a silver microscope objective pointed at the slide. A hand protrudes into the picture from the left. The hand can be turned in one movement around the turret of the microscope, which contains a black tube in addition to the silver objective.Image: Experimentalphysik 3

Extreme Light for Nanostructures

Prof. Dr. Camilo Florian Baron

Extreme Light for Nanostructures: Forward

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