Metallic Materials

University of Kassel
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Institute of Materials Engineering
Metallic Materials
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Niendorf
34125 Kassel - Germany

The research activities in the department Metallic Materials are focusing on the general topic of processing-microstructure-properties relationships, whereby fundamental and application-oriented issues are addressed in a balanced manner. Special focus, for example, is on the analysis of surface layers, residual stress distribution in thin-film systems, thermomechanical fatigue of high-strength alloys, microstructural and mechanical characterization of additively manufactured materials, shape memory technology, and investigations of the Bauschinger effect in hardened or lowtempered steels. Furthermore, a research project dealing with corrosion and corrosion fatigue of metastable austenitic steels characterized by specifically designed boundary zones is under investigation. In other projects, numerical simulation and experimental analysis are concomitantly used in order to characterize and validate residual stress states determined by means of the borehole method. In turn, current application-oriented issues consider the systematic investigation of bent shaft straightening processes being carried out in close cooperation with industry.

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