OpenFOAM Stammtisch

OpenFOAM Stammtisch United 2017


At February 20th and 21st, 2017, the IfM's Department of Fluid Dynamics held the OpenFOAM Stammtisch United. It was the largest user meeting of its kind in Germany until today. Representatives of 19 companies and 15 universities attended, which all apply and develop OpenFOAM. Around 100 participants from 10 countries listened to talks on several up-to-date topics and got insights to the newest developments of the software library.

The first day resembled a mini-conference, featuring technical presentations with discussions in the end. Participants were kindly asked to contribute to the meeting's content by submitting proposals for presentations. Day two focused the practical use of the technology and should serve beginners as well as advanced users for enhancing their knowledge and horizon in the use of the OpenFOAM technology. You can look up the topics and the sequence of presentations in the final agenda. The slides and the files from the workshops are linked here.


The Department of Fluid Dynamics expresses it's gratitude to all the participants and especially to the international speakers for their contribution.