De­part­ment of Solar and Sys­tems En­gin­eer­ing

Wel­come to the De­part­ment of Solar and Sys­tems En­gin­eer­ing

Since 2001, the Department of Solar and Systems Engineering has been a section of the Institute of Thermal Engineering at the University of Kassel. Its predecessor, the Solar Energy Research Group, operated for ten years out of the University of Marburg.

The leading supervisors of the Department are Prof. Dr. Klaus Vajen and Dr. Ulrike Jordan.

The research and development activities of the department are concentrated in the field of Solar Thermal Engineering. More specifically, the department specializes in the development, experimentation, and mathematical modeling of solar thermal energy systems and their components.


 Prof. Dr. Klaus Vajen

 Apl. Prof. Ulrike Jordan

Prof. Dr. Klaus Vajen (Head of Department)

apl. Prof. Dr. Ulrike Jordan (Head of Department)

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