Thesis, Vacancies

Bachelor- und Master-Thesis, HiWi positions

With sufficient notice, it is nearly always possible for students to find an interesting topic for their Diploma or Master's thesis projects within the Department of Solar and Systems Engineering. The work projects will be integrated into the greater research and development activities of the Department, which are conducted in part with industry partners.

For all cases, a strong base of support for projects is assured due to the close cooperation of students, graduate researchers within the Department, and developers from industry.


The same applies for prospective Doctorate students. Usually, before an official placement within the Department is offered, several research projects are discussed in the interview and negotiating phase. The sooner a prospective student gets in contact with the Department, the better the chances are of defining a research topic that best suits the candidate.

Post-doctorate researchers are also welcome at anytime. However, as it takes time to organize suitable work topics within the Department, it is best to contact us as earliest as possible.
We look forward to working together with you.