Segbenya, Moses

Contact Details

College of Distance Education, University of Cape Coast

+233 024358084


Institute of Development Studies, University of Cape Coast, Ghana

PhD Project Title

Deceny of Working Conditions for Stone Quarry Workers in Ghana


Dr. Angela D. Akorsu

Abstract of PhD Project

“Commodification’ of labour under global capitalism and market theoretical approaches has led to failure of the formal economy to create the necessary job and its resultant massive shift to the informal sector for employment in agriculture and non-agricultural activities. One of the non agricultural activities in the informal economy of Ghana is the stone quarrying activities; supplying raw materials for road and building construction purposes. Despite its socio economic importance, stone quarry activities are also associated with several labour, health and environmental challenges in Ghana. Studies have been carried out on the environmental and the health effect on the quarry communities. However; the same cannot be said about the working conditions in the sector. Thus, this study sought to investigate the decency of working conditions of stone quarry workers in Ghana within the decent work framework.

The philosophical position of the study would be the pragmatist approach from both deductive and inductive approaches and specifically concurrent embedded mixed methods would be adopted. Sampling techniques to be adopted would include purposive, stratified and simple random sampling methods. Data collection instrument would include interview guide, questionnaire and focused group discussion guide for collection of both qualitative and quantitative data from respondents. Descriptive statistics such as mean, percentages and standard deviation would be employed to analyse quantitative data. The main qualitative data would be transcribed and coded and presented based on the objectives and themes emerging from research data.

Area of Interest

Labour Conditions, Emplyee Retention, Training and Development, Industrial Relations, Sustainable Development, Environment and Development

Educational Background


Master of Business Administration, University of Cape Coast, Ghana, majoring in Human Resource Management (Thesis option)


Bachelor of Management Studies, University of Cape Coast, Ghana, majoring in Management Studies


Diploma in Marketing, Koforidua Polytechnic, Ghana, majoring in marketing Management

Professional Experience


Member, national vetting committee on business management, National Business Quiz


Member: Collaborative Research Committee, College of Distance Education and Centre for Geneder Research and Advocacy (CEGRAD), University of Cape Coast


Tutor for College of Distance Education, University of Cape Coast, Human Resource Management and Principles of Management (courses for first degree in management studies)


Intern, National youth council, Kofridua, Ghana.



PhD Scholarship, ICDD, Graduate School, University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany


Masters Scholarship Recipient (first class award for further studies) University of Cape Coast


Government of Ghana, Secondary School Scholarship Recipient (distinction award)


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