Global Partnership Network (GPN)

The Global Partnership Network (GPN) is a collaboration of higher education institutions and civil society groups for research, teaching and workshops around the SDG 17: “Global Partnership for Sustainable Development”.

The GPN calls attention to the shortcomings, limitations, and problematic aspects of international partnerships that have historically been shaped by colonial relations between North and South and sometimes continue to reflect them. Redressing this historical dynamic requires reconstructing the concept towards a partnership based on mutual recognition and solidarity, adequate to the multi-polar and postcolonial 21st century.

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E-Learning Lecture

The new video on "Neocolonialism and the global political economy" has been published!

Issue 4 - December 2022

The Newsletter for December is out now!

GPN Conference 2022 - Recordings are now online!

The event took place from 4th to 7th October 2022. You can now watch the recordings of the keynotes online!

Public Talk Recording

"Glo­bal Epis­te­mic Jus­ti­ce, Post-De­ve­lop­ment and Know­ledge Pro­duc­tion in the So­ci­al Sci­en­ces" by Prof. Dr. Sumi Madhok (LSE)


Book dis­cus­sion "En Bo­li­via no hay ra­cis­mo, in­di­os de mier­da. Ap­un­tes de un pro­ble­ma ne­ga­do" (in Spanish)

New Publications

CHANGE THE SYSTEM, NOT THE CLIMATE: What is wrong with the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP)?

Assessing the trade and welfare effects of certification schemes: The case of GlobalGAP in Ghana's mango sector

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