The Global Partnership Network (GPN) is a collaboration of higher education institutions and civil society groups for research, teaching and workshops around the SDG 17: “Global Partnership for Sustainable Development”. The GPN calls attention to the shortcomings, limitations, and problematic aspects of international partnerships that have historically been shaped by colonial relations between North and South and sometimes continue to reflect them. Redressing this historical dynamic requires reconstructing the concept towards a partnership based on mutual recognition and solidarity, adequate to the multi-polar and postcolonial 21st century.

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GPN Working Pa­per No 1

Juvaria Jafri (2022) Fintech, Philanthropy and Development: Is KYC the core problem or solution for Digital Inclusion?

GPN Working Paper No 1 : Download (pdf)

GPN Tea Ti­me

internal event for GPN network members

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04.07.2022 at 3 pm (CEST)
Action Aid India on "Witch branding in India"

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E-Learning and teaching

E-Learning Lec­tu­re

The Sustainable Development Goals: Old Wine in new Bottles?

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Pu­blic Talk Re­cor­ding

Ancient Lineages, Modern Reawakenings- Marx, Buddha and Happiness (by Prof. Dr. Devan Pillay)

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E-learning and Teaching

Finance and Development - Juvaria Jafri

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E-Learning Lec­tu­re

Post De­ve­lop­ment - Ques­tio­n­ing the who­le pa­ra­digm

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