Optoelectronics Master Thesis T1a


Credits points: 30

300 hours course attendance; 600 hours self-study

Semester: summer and winter

Language: English

Module type: elective

Module usability: M.Sc. Electrical Communication Engineering, M.Sc. Elektrotechnik

Module duration: one semester

Required qualifications:
Profound knowledge in optoelectronics

Proof of fulfilled admission requirements for the Master thesis according to the ECE examination regulation

Competences to be acquired

Experience in practical clean room technology

Literature and internet based investigation

Independent scientific work

Compilation of a report, preparation of a talk and presentation of scientific results



  • Independent scientific work on a problem in photonics and related areas like design, technological fabrication in the clean room, characterization of optoelectronic devices or systems, nanotechnology and micromachining
  • Working on problems which have a pronounced application potential, partly in an consortium including industry
  • The students are encouraged to create spin-off companies based on their own work

Learning outcomes

  • Independent scientific approach to solve a field-theoretical problem and related topics
  • Creating models for a given problem
  • Obtaining practice in experimental work (technology or characterization) or theoretical model calculations
  • Analyzing and interpreting of measured data
  • Comparison of own results to actual literature
  • Writing of a report and presentation of results in a colloquium


  • Lecturer: Hartmut Hillmer and team
  • Teaching method: master thesis
  • SWS: 20
  • Credit points: 30
  • Examination: report and presentation
  • Course identifier: FB16-8024