Equipment and services

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Equipment; measuring and testing devices

Test equipment

  • Electric motor test bench (high-speed)
  • Test bench for electric drive systems
  • Thermal e-machine test bench
  • Vehicle generator test benches
  • Roller test bench
  • Vehicle electrical system test bench including auxiliary units
  • Component test benches
  • In-house energy system

Laboratory equipment

  • Electronics laboratory
  • Microcontroller development environments
  • Bus development environments

Measurement technology

  • Thermal camera and thermal/calorimetric measuring systems
  • Laser-based measurement systems for structure-borne sound and flows
  • Data acquisition systems for all electrical quantities including measurement automation LabView
  • Conditioning
  • Measurement technology for speeds, torques, fluxes, acoustics and fields.

Software equipment

  • FEM: Comsol
  • Measurement automation: Labview
  • Analysis and diagnostic tools for data
  • Tool for test planning
  • CAD: ProEngineer
  • Vehicle dynamics programs: Vedyna
  • Electrics/electronics: PSpice, Electronic Workbench, Saber.
  • Modeling: Matlab, Simulink, Dymola.
  • Architecture: OBA, PreeVision.
  • Software: C, C++, UML, Fujaba

An EMC test field is available at the University of Kassel in the immediate vicinity of the department, which can be used for research projects.