04/21/2023 | Conference | Contribution

Department of Participatory IT Design at CHI 2023

The Department of Participatory IT Design is represented at CHI 2023. The conference takes place on April 23-28, 2023 in Hamburg.

Goda KlumbytÄ—, Claude Draude and Viktoria Horn from the Department of Participatory IT Design will be attending the upcoming CHI Conference virtually and in-person with three workshop contributions. The conference is the premiere venue on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and will feature a range of keynotes, paper presentations and workshops on this field of research.

The PIT group members will be presenting at the following workshops:

WS22: Designing Technology and Policy Simultaneously: Towards A Research Agenda and New Practice

WS14: Behind the Scenes of Automation: Ghostly Care-Work, Maintenance, and Interferences

WS41: Human-centered Explainable AI: Coming of Age

The contributions focus on the themes of participatory IT design in shaping technology and policy simultaneously and research on explainable and human-centred AI.

Viktoria Horn and Claude Draude are presenting a paper on shaping policy design in data economy. Goda KlumbytÄ—, Hannah Piehl and Claude Draude are presenting their papers on Explaining the Ghosts and Towards Feminist Intersectional XAI.

The research group is excited to share their work with other professionals in the field and to learn from others' contributions at the conference.