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Information regarding the Department of GeDIS

The Department of Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems at the Faculty of Electrical Engineerng & Computer Science at the University of Kassel existed from 2017 - 2022. The Department of Participatory IT Design has existed at the same faculty since January 2023.

The contents of the GeDIS website document the work of the former department and will no longer be updated. For information on the new department and our activities, please visit the new website at uni-kassel.de/go/PIT.

About GeDIS

Welcome to the research group Gender/Diversity in Informatics Systems (GeDIS) at the faculty of Electrical Engineering/Computing at the University of Kassel, Germany.

GeDIS introduces perspectives from gender and diversity studies to computing to enhance innovation and inclusiveness through a sociotechnical approach.  

GeDIS is part of the interdisciplinary Research Center for Information System Design (ITeG) which focuses on socially responsible IT design. We promote responsible, socially sustainable digitalisation through various collaborations: Prof. Dr. Claude Draude is an advisory member of the newly founded Kassel Institute for Sustainability. Cooperation also exists with ZEVEDI - Centre Responsible Digitality and Bits & Bäume - The Movement for Digitalization and Sustainability.

We run the blog enginesofdifference.org which is part of the interdisciplinary, innovative and experimental activities that go outside of the regular disciplinary and thematic boundaries that are conducted by the Research Lab of the aforementioned group.

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ITeG - Research Center for Information System Design
Kassel Institute for Sustainability
Centre Responsible Digitality

GERD Model

GERD is a scien­tific model for intro­ducing aspects of gender & diver­sity into the practi­cal develop­ment of tech­nology. The GERD model is designed for use in the tech industry and related research fields. It provides knowledge and guidelines for teams across the proposed phases of research and development.

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