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Materials for a sustainable energy supply and the operation of the electron storage ring BESSY II - these are the cornerstones for HZB and its research. Both complement each other, because questions from research force the further development of the experimental environment at BESSY II and vice versa; the possibilities offered by BESSY II accelerate energy research enormously.

Responsible for the Joint Lab: Dr. Gregor Hartmann

The research group Functional Thin Films & Physics with Synchrotron Radiation is managed by Prof. Dr. Arno Ehresmann. It consists of two subgroups: 

Functional Thin Films deals with many areas such as exchange bias, stray field design by ion bombardment induced magnetic patterning, magnetic micro-objects, and Interdisciplinary applications on a microscale. Responsible:  Dr. Michael Vogel

Physics with Synchrotron Radiation deals with the spectroscopy of atoms, molecules, clusters and liquids after their excitation with synchrotron radiation. The focus is on electron correlative phenomena and interatomic energy and charge transfer processes. With this work, the group wants to contribute to the understanding of the interaction of matter with ultraviolet and X-ray radiation. Responsible: Dr. Andreas Hans

The group Intelligent Embedded Systems develops and applies innovative techniques that increase the "machine intelligence" of embedded computer systems.

A computer system can be characterized as being "intelligent" if it is aware of its own skills and needs and if it is able to use this knowledge to maintain or even to improve its abilities in a dynamic environment. Moreover, if such a system interacts with other, similar systems or humans, it must be aware of their skills and needs in order to communicate efficiently, to collaborate with them, or to behave pro-actively. Thus, machine learning is a key issue in our work. Further important topics are soft computing, pattern recognition, data mining, specification techniques for embedded systems, and real-time systems.

Responsible: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Sick


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