Wind in the Energy System

The group Wind as part of the Energy System deals with central issues of wind energy. A seminar for addressing these topis is held annually at the University of Kassel. Currently, the group works on the determination and characterisation of wind as a resource, focusing on wind potentials and wind energy meteorology. Corresponding research questions are addressed in the projects MILIA and LiMeS. Here, the researchers specifically work on the uncertainties of the determination of energy yield in the context of wind farm planning using lidar technology (light detection and ranging).

In the medium term, further topics will form a central part of our research, such as the social challenges of wind energy. Modelling the effects of political decisions on the expansion of wind energy can be seen as one part of this subject area. Another future research topic is the integration of wind energy into the energy system. In this context, a contribution to a meaningful technical and economic integration of wind energy into the existing energy system shall be made.

The research group is highly interested in exchange with researchers and institutions and is always open for collaboration.

Wind turbine
Wind turbine