Research project: ANSWER - Analyses and perspectives of Hessian wind energy expansion


The aim of the project is to develop procedures and strategies by which the expansion of wind energy in Hesse can be efficiently advanced. Reasons for inefficient development of wind priority areas (WPA) will be systematically identified, analysed and classified, and solution approaches will be derived.
Within the framework of an analysis of built-up and non-built-up WPAs, factors such as site characteristics, wind conditions and turbine characteristics are examined. Furthermore, the distances of wind turbines within WPAs are investigated. Finally, based on analyses of target-performance deviations, recommendations are derived for the political design of a better, more efficient utilisation of the areas. A more efficient utilisation of the WPAs enables a higher social acceptance, better environmental compatibility as well as a faster implementation of the planning and projecting.


Hessian Ministry for Economy, Energy, Mobility and Dwelling


10/2021 - 09/2022


European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

StaffAlexander Basse, Dr. Doron Callies, Dr. Friedrich Krebs