M.Sc. Lukas Jansen


Nacken, Lukas
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34121 Kassel
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I develop and apply methods for the consideration of structural and parametric uncertainty in the context of cross-sector energy system optimizations.


Decarbonisation of traffic - feedbacks with the energy system - global to regional (DeVKopSys2)

01/2022 - 10/2024

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Hoffmann, Clemens
Nacken, Lukas; Dr. Krebs, Friedrich

The project objectives include analysis of impacts of decarbonisation in the traffic sector and analysis of the global potential to supply P2X fuels under consideration of national transformation pathways.


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01/2020"Sector coupled energy systems for Germany - The effect of ten percent uncertainty"
Nacken, Lukas
Energy Economics Research Seminar
01/2020Tutorial: Create Interactive Visualizations and Applications for Energy Models with pure Python
Nacken, Lukas
Open Energy Modelling Workshop - Berlin 2020

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