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09/29/2023 | Power Electronics

High efficiency with SiC DC/DC converters

The electrification of agricultural and construction machinery currently powered by combustion engines is an essential contribution to reducing emissions. The aim of the MUSiCel research project was therefore to research and test innovative components and methods for an efficient, locally emission-free energy supply for agricultural and construction machinery. At the heart of the supply system is a mobile and compact high-performance DC/DC converter that is integrated into the vehicle.

Before joining the University of Kassel, Jens Friebe was involved in a project for the electrification of agricultural and construction machinery as part of a junior research group at Leibniz Universit├Ąt Hannover. Here, a direct voltage converter (DC/DC converter) with galvanic isolation and an output of 250kW was set up for a conversion from 2000V to 700V.

With laboratory support from the University of Kassel (Department of Power Electronics), a new type of toroidal transformer with a 3D-printed housing and integrated cooling channels for oil cooling was realized and tested up to 250kW in the Fraunhofer IEE setup.

A press release on the completion of the project is available here: